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About the project
Mountain Guides Association "White Guides" is the project, created by guides from Elbrus region, Dombai, Krasnaya Polyana (Caucasus, Russia). Association unites mountain guides and instructors of various adventure and expedition programs - such as freeride, backcountry skiing and snowboarding, heli-ski, mountaineering, tracking and rock-climbing, rafting and kayaking, mountain bike.

The goals of our project are:
  • to provide exact and actual information about mountain guides;
  • to simplify the feedback between mountain guides, adventure trips agencies and those, who are fond of active leisure and who take part (or plan to participate) in adventure programs, journeys and expeditions;
  • to create a virtual community that unites guides, participants of the adventure programs and those who are fond of active leisure.

  • The full English language version will be opened shortly. For the present, the sections are available in Russian language only, but if you have any questions, you can contact us at info@whiteguides.ru

    The Site consists of the following sections:
  • News - recent information about mountain regions, competition, weather;
  • Guides - personal pages of guides who participate in the association;
  • Companies - adventure trips agencies, their contact information and available programs;
  • Programs - detailed information on the available programs;
  • Articles - information on the related topics-mountaineering, freeride, safety;
  • Photos - albums are grouped according to the following topics:
  • Guides - personal photo albums of registered guides;
  • Season 2004-2005 - recent photo albums from Freeride competitions, heli-ski and other events;
  • Mountains - photo albums depict mountain regions - Elbrus region, Tcheget, Dombay, Krasnaya Polyana (Caucasus, Russia) and other;
  • Friends - personal photo albums of our friends;
  • Forum for the registered members of the Site.

  • Information about mountain guides is presented in Sections Guides, Companies, Programs. In each of these sections you can choose types of activity and regions. In sections Guides, Companies you can send a request to any Guide for participation in any of his programs. The Guide will receive notification by his e-mail and will contact you based on your contact information provided in your request. If you submit the request as the registered user, you will be able to view the status of your request (received, accepted or declined) through the web-interface of the site.

    If you are a guide and if you want to present information about you on our site, you can:
  • Register;
  • If your company is not presented in the Site, you can register New Company;
  • Fill the Guide Questionnaire.

  • Further, the administration of the Site will consider your request and will authorize you to
  • Add Programs;
  • Add Photos;
  • Add information about people, who took part in your programs.

  • Mountain Guides Association "White Guides" is a voluntary and non-for-profit association. The Association can decline the request for membership, if a potential guide will not meet our criteria.

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